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Soap Star Joe

When she finally decided to listen to her friends' advice, she had to pause for a second, then she rambled a bit, and finally she told me I was on the fast track to slow mediocrity. I skipped town, if only to prove her right.

I caught a redeye Greyhound that night. I arrived a day later at the doorstop of an acquaintance from back home. He provided a futon; Maruchan provided the rest. When his lease ran out, he drove down the interstate back to his mother's basement; I moved in with the girls.

The girls were fucking; I was drifting. I was a curiosity at the parties. I'd always get a drink, at least.

The lines were there, naturally; so was the liquor. There must have been some weed. They thought it felt like a video game. The radio informed us that we would never be royals. We lowered the window. We laughed in his face. I told everyone I wouldn't leave town until they remembered my name.

Story by:

Alfonso Colasuonno

7 March 2014