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"Harrison, can I have a word?" enquired Dr Fields, as my peers fled the two hour captivity they had willingly signed up for.

"Yes Sir?" I asked attempting to force far too many text books into my beaten satchel as I made my way towards him.

"I rather hoped you enjoyed this class."

"I do, Sir."

"And that you found my teaching style interesting, and engaging."

"It is Sir."

"Then why, could you tell me, did you spend the entirety of my class facing out the window in what I can only describe as self–inflicted melancholy?"

I paused in the effort of packing my bag, and stared dumbfounded at my teacher.

"I didn't think you'd notice Sir."

"I pride myself on being aware of all of my students, even those who are still evidently sulking over their rejection to Cambridge."

"Oxford Sir. And I'm not sulking."

"'We would rather be ruined than changed, we would rather die in our dread, than climb the cross of the moment, and let our illusions die'"

"Auden, Sir?"

"Very good Harrison and what lesson do you think you could take from Auden's work?"

"That I should try and enjoy my time at Birmingham University?"

"Precisely, and if you're lucky you might just learn something as well", said Dr Fields opening the class room door, signalling the end of our conversation. "Also, buy a new bag Harrison. You're going to need a lot more room for text books over the next three years".

Story by:

Jessica Lovett

9 March 2014