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Louella Dreams Of Superwoman

Louella is the person who can always be counted on to trade days with people who don't want to work on the weekends, because they actually have a life. A life where they attend children's soccer games and have dinner with friends at the new trendy restaurant. Louella is always, "just the best". Louella the doormat.

At night Louella dreams of Superwoman, her yellow-lined black cape unfolding behind her like a raging wildfire, her leash snapping out to ensnare those who stand in the way of fairness.

Today, Louella is staying home. The pot of coffee is ignored while she pops the cork on a bottle of champagne and pours it into a chilled flute that already is half full of freshly squeezed orange juice. Fresh scones are waiting on her coffee table, along with a glass box of cold butter beaded with sweat. Alongside this cheery breakfast is a stack of DVDs that will make her cry softly all morning and into the early noon: Sophie's Choice, Mrs. Soffel, and The French Lieutenant's Woman.

When Louella's eyes are blotched, her face a mottled red, and her voice trembling with empathy and sadness, she picks up the phone to call into work for a bereavement leave. For at this moment in time, Louella is quite bereft. First, Sophie agonizing over a choice no mother should ever have to make, then Kate Soffel suffering as she lay on a table in the Allegheny County Jail with a gunshot wound, and finally, the horrible tragedy of the disgraced Sarah Woodruff. It's too much to bear and Louella will need at least a week to recover. She is sorry that her someone will have to cover her shifts, but then, who can predict such misfortune?

After all, she is not Superwoman.

Story by:

Jennifer Burgraff

12 March 2014