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Accidents Can Happen

"It's been such a long day, Roxy." Lucus breathed. He stepped into his dark, silent apartment, not even bothering to switch on the light. He knew where everything was, there was no need. He slipped out of his coat and walked into the kitchen, finding his liquor cabinet and opening it. He squinted to read the labels in the dark, finally pulling out the whiskey once its label became apparent.

"Everyone at work kept asking about you, I almost got jealous." He chuckled, the sound dry. He uncapped the bottle of whiskey and began to drink from it, wincing at the burning sensation going down his throat. The shot glasses remained unused, Lucus walking by them and heading to his bedroom.

"You know, it's kind of funny. They switched from you to me in minutes. They kept asking me if I was alright. Could you imagine, me? I'm fine."

He sat down by the edge of his bed, pressing the bottle to his lips and taking another chug.

"I'm fine, and the car is going to get fixed... but you're not. You're not fine."

Lucus' eyes began to get teary, the young man taking another sip from the bottle. His lips quivered as he placed the bottle down.

"I miss you, Roxy. I really miss you."

Story by:

Nadine Rodriguez

17 March 2014