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Before A Mirror

I opened my drapes and sat down on the couch. I took a sip of coffee, looked at my watch. Six a.m. Show time.

The curtains of a big bay window in an apartment across the street parted, and sure enough, there was the naked girl. A beauty, too. Broad where a broad should be broad, and with the most beautiful dusty black hair. Hair like a puff of smoke.

I feasted my eyes. The girl went about her business. She sat down at a vanity and began to brush her hair. The obligatory one-hundred strokes.

It was a repeat performance. I got my tickets the day after I moved in. I had abandoned my old digs after my girlfriend moved out and in with a guy and his wife.

Ah, me! The a.m. nudie show was good while it lasted, but of course good things never last. Alas after a day or two, she caught me. Pulled the drapes shut with a bang. Kept them shut, too.

Story by:

Jack Swenson

20 March 2014