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Gone was the wind

"Come on just try it" she badgered, "you never want to try anything new anymore."

"I never wanted to try anything new in the first place, why can't you just let me enjoy doing things i know and am comfortable with?" Ken replied.

"But you might like it" Jess persisted.

And so it was, with a heavy heart that all fifteen and a half stone of a five foot, four inches tall Ken waddled out of the changing room wearing a wet suit he was convinced was two sizes to small, muttering "I hate all water sports, always have...". He then proceeded to climb on board the luminous pink windsurfer, with the hunky instructor struggling to hide his smirk as he held the device steady.

"You'll be fine mate" said the hunk. "Just tack across the wind, do a couple of laps of the lake and then head back in."

"Sounds easy!" said Ken, who then held on for dear life as the wind took him, in all his luminous pink glory, at a rather alarming rate to the other side of the lake. At which point the wind promptly died.

Leaving Ken at the mercy of two teenagers who were fishing there. "Oh look, it's a beached whale" said one, while the other grinned on.

"Stuff this" said Ken and abandoning the windsurfer, stomped back to the car leaving Jess to gather his clothes and forgo their deposit.

"Maybe we should have just gone to Bluewater like you suggested" Jess conceded as she climbed into the passenger seat for what she knew would be a silent drive home.

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submitted at 9:26am

3 June 2008