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Leo The Leviathan

His real name was Ben, but he was Leo the Leviathan in the ring. Wore a costume of fake seaweed, like endless green tassels and a plethora of stick-on barnacles. Even on his face. Begging her on his cell, in whispers, to reconsider. To take him back. His Oh, baby, please baby - coming out: Uh-huh... uh-huh... The phone so tiny in that big scaly hand. And when she hung up on him, he wanted to weep. An ocean's worth. But Cyclops Cid, with his black eye patch up over his head, was going through his locker across from him, looking for that talking turtle picture book his daughter wanted him to read. And besides, leviathans were not supposed to have tear ducts. Any decent, true-blooded leviathan that is.

Story by:

Robert Scotellaro

25 April 2014