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Stormy Weather

Last night, I was making hamburgers and chips while Riley practised All You Need Is Love. He got that old guitar on a road trip years ago. Riley always loved being On The Road Again. When he got to the do-bee-do-bee-do part, I felt a rush of That Old Thing Called Love for The Man I Love, so I toasted him with my beer, blew him a kiss, and joined in on the do-bee-do-bee-do. "Dammit, Dorlene, that does it!" he shouted. "I am the King of Karaoke, not your goddamned private karaoke machine." And now My Baby's Gone - his CDs, his trophies, his car - just I'll Be Seeing You scribbled on an empty pizza box. What Is This Thing Called Love?

Story by:

Mary J. Breen

26 April 2014