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He Can't Remember Being Born

He can't remember being born or anything up until age four, for that matter, but his mother said it happened and why would she lie? He remembers winning a gold sticker in kindergarten for his drawing of a giraffe, and a fuzzy sticker for putting away the blocks after playtime, and he remembers puberty - although he'd rather forget, and kissing girls - although he'd rather remember kissing more. He remembers his first job, and his second, and his first marriage, and his second and the second ones were closer to being right. He remembers his children's names, if not always his grandchildren's, but he long ago remembered to simply say "boychik" and pinch cheeks when he forgets. He remembers seeing his old friends less and less, until they weren't really friends, but living memories, and he remembers some of their funerals. He can't remember dying, but with his money his children bought a tombstone that says it happened and why would they lie?

Story by:

Joshua Levy

8 May 2014