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Stage Fright

I'd be the first to admit that I spent the whole of last night worrying. I'm no longer scared; that stage has passed. It's just I just can't help wondering if I'll embarrass myself today?

Today. The Big Day itself. I still find it slightly hard to believe, what with everything happening so fast. I mean, it's only been a few days since they discovered me.

Thankfully, all my fears are for nothing. For as I mount the stage and the crowd goes wild, I find myself smiling. When I raise my arms, the noise increases tenfold. Basking in their reaction, I know now that all of my efforts and yes, even the terrifying danger was worth it. It's all led to this moment. The single most defining point of my life.

With a stoic grin, I nod towards the management. Those responsible for all of this. Those responsible for putting me here. Those I failed to kill.

I kneel before my haters.

When the guillotine falls, I miss the crowd's final roar.

Story by:

Chris Redfern

13 May 2014