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A Boring Affair

Must we sit through another one of these boring zombie rehearsal parties, Deb?"

"Yes, we must, Sam, its part of my job as their agent. Plus it gives me a chance to scout out new talent. Zombie movies are the latest rage in Hollywood."

Tapping a knife against his wine glass Sam continued. "I guess the caterers are late as usual, since we have no food on the table."

"Be patient, this dinner is going to be different."

"Different? You mean the food won't be lousy or the zombies won't run amuck tearing people's flesh off and forcing us to run for our lives?"

Sam was right, thought Deb. These affairs always turned out the same. The zombies were hard to work with and could barely stay focused long enough to shoot a movie scene much less sit down to dinner. But, she'd heard this party had something new to offer.

The zombies entered, roaming around the silent room. They bumped into walls and tables, eventually landing on or near a chair. They moaned and screamed, sniffing the air. Some immediately attacked the people at their tables, ripping throats apart.

The kitchen doors opened. Huge mutant Samurai swordsmen barreled into the room, their weapons held high. Each located a zombie and sliced their heads off. One rolled onto Sam's plate, the brain matter oozing over the edges.

"I told you this party was different," yelled Deb. "Next week the rage will be mutant Samurais and I will represent them all."

Story by:

Donna Amato

submitted at 4:05am

25 May 2009

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