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The Call Of The Sea

Over and over, the waves roll in and gently tickle the beach. There's a soothing, musical quality the sea makes as it washes over the sand and retreats.

Phillip wonders what it would be like to live beneath the ceiling of the water as he walks along the beach, feeling the sand between his toes and the sun upon his skin. He wonders if it would be more enjoyable to roam an underwater world, not knowing what kind of predator lurks around the next corner, than it is to roam this sunlit paradise full of its own predators and monsters.

There is no way of knowing, of course. Phillip knows he will never live underwater, nor will he explore the depths of the sea. His remaining days will play out up here where every day brings new battles with economic and emotional terrorists.

A couple hundred yards down the shore is a beached whale. The poor creature's final moments are attended by curious children and their insensitive parents.

Phillip wonders what the sea's citizens would do if he slipped into their world and spent his final moments there. Would they crowd around him, poking and prodding? Would they feast on his flesh after his final breath passed forth from his lungs? There's only one way to find out, and even then he wouldn't really know, would he?

Some mysteries, he decides, are better left unsolved.

Story by:

Daniel Slaten

15 May 2014