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The Time

I walk down the street of this empty town. Looking for someone to inform me of this place I've magically appeared in. My suit jacket is hung over my shoulder, and my brief case is in my hand tightly. I remember how the train wobbled. Light left my eyes, and then I was here. Last thing I heard was the woman next to me scream.

I walk down the long dusty dirt road. My hat covering my head. A rocking chair is on a porch of an old house. It's rocking by itself. Each creak making the loudest sound. I stare at it for a moment, and look out to the endless dirt road. The sun beating down on me. I walk to the door, and knock once. Twice. Again. No answer. I walk inside and see it is vacant of any human life. I hear a step come from behind me, and I turn. An old man stands looking at me. I flush red in embarrassment for my intrusion on this man's house. "Excuse me, sir... where am I?" I ask him. The old man shakes his head at me. "Can you at least tell me the time? You see I really have to get home, my wife she's-" the old man stops me by walking away. I chase after him, but he's gone. I run outside to try and see, but nothing. Just that endless dirt road and the bright sun.

"There is no time." the old man says from the door. I look at him confused.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"Ain't no time after y'er die." he says. I look at him and my eye brow furrows.

"Dead? Who's dead?" I ask.


The widow cries at the tomb of her lost husband. A train derailed on the way home, 46 gone.

Story by:

MacKenzie Blair

15 May 2014