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The anticipation. The wait may soon be over. She is about to yield. Finally. At last. They will become mine: two round hills with a valley split in the middle, the pinky cheeks, the dewy cleft, so velvety in-between, so moist inside, this vessel of pleasures, the receptacle of passions. So delicious, slightly hairy, so delicately fluffy on the outside, oh the tender rosy skin, so juicy, swollen, "I am about to pass out", he thought to himself - before I do anything I am going to stick my tongue to those rosy cheeks and lick, lick, lick... and then I ...

"Wait, what's wrong with him?" asked Jane, the new trainee zookeeper, as she pointed toward an aging Macaque monkey who was pacing madly behind the bars of his cage.

"Just toss him a peach, dear, he is crazy about peaches, that's all" said her panting, aging instructor zoologist as he trudged by her on his morning inspection of the World of Primates building.

Story by:

Eugene Soukharnikov

16 May 2014