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Waiting For A Ride Home

She was always waiting for a ride home. She'd have to wait in the rain and the cold and the night. She'd have to wait in the sun and the heat and the day. She'd have to watch for every light and every hum and every slight change in the air. She'd have to sit and stand and fly sometimes, if she were so lucky. She'd have to toss and turn and fling things into the air for fun. She'd have to mock the night sky most of the time, speaking to it with a cheerless anger. She'd have to make jokes to pass the time, laughing with the trees and the bees and the moon. She'd have to shrug off the daily notion that told her a ride was never coming. She'd have to wait, forever it seemed.

Forever was soon, though, for she waited no more. A ride did come, in a sudden burst of light. She was finally free to wait no more, for the after-life only takes those who are worthy of the free ride home.

Story by:

Megan Baxter

16 May 2014