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The Boy Who Cried B-Movie Bollocks

A long long time ago in a narrative far far away lived a wolf boy, name of Were-Kidd.

WK's father, a mad scientist who'd been in breach of Marvel copyright several times already, had gotten himself transmutated with something radioactive and lupine. With his second-generation mutant brood (for there was also Were-Girl in reserve for Riot Grrl! Retro chic) Were-Dad had sought sanctuary and storylines deep in the heart of the hidden depths of the twilight zone.

On the advice of an-ex NSA agent and their commercial lawyers, who feared Stan Lee and the military-industrial combine might launch an attack, they were lying low. But then that's when inciting incidents always happen.

The action kicks in. Wild face. Grave concern. The Were-Kid screams,

- Hey! Intruders. Intruder alert. Father. Mrs Citizen. Intruder Alert.

Kaye Citizen, reporter with Global Network News Inc. and, Edward W. Kidd, mad hack scientist, come running out. The perimeter robots thrash back in toward the centre and the surveillance droids head off in the direction of the distress call. Turns out to be a false alarm wouldn't you know? Except for the third time, kid gets his come-uppance. But then goes off into the wood, depleted uranium this time, and returns, seriously narked off. Etc. Etc.

Whole series. Or a pilot at the very least.

Story by:

Phil Doran

submitted at 11:25am

25 May 2009

Phil Doran's web: