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Screaming Storm

The dark clouds cover the sky, and the wind burns my skin. I close my eyes and lay on my back. I can feel it cover me, I can feel it consume me. The first drop of rain is felt, but I am not yet fre. I let out a breath as another one falls. Then another one. I feel it start to wash away the sins trapped in my soul.

The wind whispers an angry song in my ear. The first sounds of thunder vibrate through my body. I can feel it coursing through my veins. The rains hits my skin, and lighting flash in the dark sky. I feel the dirt below me start to transform into mud. I feel the cold bullets of water pierce my skin. The storm gets louder, and louder. Like raging madness, and anger all clouding together. That's what a storm is though, right? A cloud of anger. Mother Earth is screaming at me.

I can feel the energy from the Earth shoot through my body. I can feel the air screaming a shrill scream. I need to be released from my cage. Released from the madness. I need the world to stop turning. Time to stop in place. Opening my wet eyes, and looking above me I see lighting flash. My heart beats faster and faster. I open my mouth, and scream back with chapped lips. I haven't screamed in so long. All the anger, pain, resentment, and the storm leaves my body at once. I watch it shoot out of my body, and into the air. I challenge mother Earth. I scream back at her. The energy drains my body, and I guess hers too.

The rain stops, and the clouds move away silently. Time stops. I won.

Story by:

MacKenzie Blair

22 May 2014