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A Seaside Story

I walked down to the waters edge and looked along the shoreline. Many things have changed since I was last here, but, you know, it is mostly for the better. I watch as a young couple play in the small swell of the waves and think back to how we struggled in the swell of that warm June morning. It feels like only yesterday as we stepped of the small boat and tried to avoid getting our feet wet, what a waste of time that was. I remember looking over to you as I fell, chest deep into the salty water and seeing your smile. The names I called you!

Then you helped me back to my feet and we clambered onto the soft sand, if there weren't so many people about I am sure we would have fell about laughing.

The laughter of the couple bring me back to the present and I watch as they play in almost the same spot I fell. The man is pushed backwards and it reminds me of you. The difference is he does not have the large red splash of crimson on his chest as you did. You never managed to regain your feet as he does and I watched as you floated back towards the sea, a half smile on your face.

There were times during the next few hours, days and even months when I thought that perhaps you were the lucky one. There were times I wished it was me that took the shot to the chest. Now, 70 years later, I look back and realise how fortunate I was to have friends like you. Friends that gave their all so that people like me could carry on. I want to thank you Bill, for my family, my friends, my life.

Story by:

Ian Yates

6 June 2014