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Take A Trip To Paradise

"Keep them coming." Peter said in a deadpan voice. "Don't you ever get sick of this?" Mary wondered. "Look, it's just a job and someone has to do it." "If you remember your history lessons, mass murder was something only a few states did in the bad old days." Mary reminded. "Come off it. It's nothing like that. The elderly gladly come, out of a sense of duty and respect for this great nation. This place isn't a death camp. They all come voluntarily. Many of our most senior citizens were with their loved ones this morning before they came in. The fact is no one has ever died in this program." "Maybe" Mary speculated, "but no one has ever come back either." "You know as well as I do only living things or things that were once alive can be transported, machines can't be sent through and that's why people can't return." "How can you be so sure they're actually transported to Paradise 101 instead of being disintegrated? How can we be sure they arrive safely?" "Because I want to believe it and anyway if it's an unknown it's something I'll just have to live with." "Well, in that case you won't mind sending your parents off world through the gates, will you? They've just arrived."

Story by:

Connell Wayne Regner

10 June 2014