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I was being bad so I puffed on the cigarette. This would make her mad. I was sure this would make her mad. The smoke circled around my tongue and I blew out the small puffy cloud-- it came out in the shape of her. Boy that made my blood boil. She was the last person I wanted to see. But the smoke was dense, white, formed. I wanted to be bad so she could stare at me all she wanted with her puckered lips and disapproving glare and I would just sit there, being bad. I inhaled a little deeper--I felt pressure in my chest but I swore I wouldn't cough like you always see them do in the movies. The smoke came out again forming her rigid face and she stared and stared and stared with impenetrable censure. I could hear her nasty distaste for me through the smoke. I quickly inhaled the deepest sleeve of smoke until I could feel it in my gut--and blew out the thick, stinky vapor into her smokey face. She was gone and I coughed while the entire sea just stared at me.

Story by:

Bethanie Smith

25 June 2014