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A Ghostly Afternoon

On a rainy afternoon in New Orleans, Steve and Annie were ghost-hunting inside St. Louis Cathedral.

From deep within its gothic walls, they heard a voice eerily chanting the Kyrie. But they couldn't see anyone.

The guard limped toward them. "Don't worry," he said with a twisted grin. "That's just Pere Dagobert. He speaks often at this time of day."

"You mean the monk who used to live here?" asked Annie.

Before he could answer, there was a great rumble; the floor and walls seemed to shake. And then a huge, black snake came slithering down the aisle.

"Dagobert, you fool!" a voice shrieked. "Go back into your cave," she commanded.

Steve and Annie had read that Madame Laveau, the Voodoo Queen who was buried next to the Cathedral, sometimes appeared there. But they did not expect to be so lucky!

They saw the guard slink off into a corner. He seemed to be in conversation with someone. They heard Madame Laveau's voice whisper, "Meet me here at midnight. Bring the gris-gris."

But when Annie and Steve approached, the guard turned on them. He sneered, "The Cathedral is closed. Get out!"

"We had better leave, Annie," Steve said. "After all, we don't want to fall prey to misfortune."

Once outside, Annie asked, "Are you crazy? Things were just getting interesting in there."

Steve smiled and replied. "I don't know about you, but I plan to be back at midnight with a tape recorder!"

Story by:

Bayley Paharik

12 July 2014