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The Office Desk

She felt powerful behind her desk, her movements more pronounced and her voice louder than usual. Answering questions over the phone while typing away longer-than-necessary responses to the emails in her inbox, she seemed to make valuable use of every second spent at her desk. It was outside the bounds of her office when she became less of herself.

While trying to quiet down her kids at home or as she listened to her husband go on and on about his company or his diet, she missed the sharp corners of her desk, pens lined up next to the phone, post-its sticking from both sides of her desktop. She even missed the family photo held tightly inside the thick frame, sitting at the far right end of her desk.

She liked the emotional distance with which she looked at that picture during the stressful hours of the day, telling herself that she had more than this, more than what the office desk offered her day in and day out. But now, listening to her husband's complaints in between her kids' screams, she knew that it was a lie, that all she really wanted to do was to go to bed early and get up for work before sunrise, before her children left for school or even before her husband awoke.

Story by:

Debbi Antebi


29 July 2014