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We Happen

All life comes back to this Inhale. Pause. Let it all go. And smile.

Her honeyed, sunshined curls tangled themselves around my fingers as I drew her face to mine. Our noses brushed, an introduction. Our foreheads met. Inhale. Pause. A crooked smile, mostly on the left. The back of her hand finds my jawline, traces it up to my ear. A shiver. Pause. I tilt my chin forward gently and let my mouth rest on her bottom lip. Fingers tighten. Eyes close. We breathe each other in. Our skin is sparking and setting fires.

We happen.

Her honeyed, sunshined curls fell and stood and danced around that sweet flushed face of joy. Lips parted, just licked wet, pulsing with her heart with blood brought to the surface by my not-so-gentle teeth. One pale ankle caught up in a twist of tangled green sheet. Fingers tensed and stretched and clawed at my shoulder, at my neck, at my back. One gasp Inhale Pause. Four precious semi-circles of blood in my shoulder.

Story by:

Max Ridiculosity

2 August 2014