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Beautiful Marla

My share of the Phoenix bank job came to $262,000. Willy passed my share in a gym bag. We shook hands. His psycho stare unnerved me. Something was up. I mumbled about keeping in touch, then left. My nerves screamed, "Run!" But I fought against panic, and walked.

Once in the car, I yanking my automatic from the glove compartment, and put it on the seat. Let Willy try something now.

Driving through back streets, I kept checking the mirror. Nobody shot at me, or tried to run me off the road. So far, so good.

Willyd never dream of looking for me in an old Pennsylvania coal-mining town, 2,500 miles away. Especially since Id said repeatedly Id head for Vegas when I got my split.

Marla, the beautiful, knew where I was going. Shed join me later. Suddenly, I felt uneasy. I decided to call her.

"Marla -"

"Okay, Im awake. Thank you. Youre a great answering service. Please wake me fifteen minutes earlier tomorrow."

Willy musta invaded her apartment. Hopefully, he bought the lie. I swore Id marry Marla, if she survived. Good thing I never told her my backup plan.

I changed course, heading for Wisconsin.

The bastards busted her up pretty bad. I went back to Phoenix and killed the four of them. Then I married Marla.

A few more bank jobs to pay fancy doctors, and her face wont be so hard to look at.

Story by:

Michael A. Kechula

submitted at 8:00pm

25 May 2009

Michael's stories have been published by 108 magazines and 30 anthologies.