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The Sheriff

I'm the reason they lock their doors at night. The reason they draw their curtains and leave a night light on for their children.

Ever since the Jackson family were all murdered, the town has been on edge. News and gossip spreads fast around these parts. Just the other day I heard somebody say it was Bill Turner who done it. Nobody's seen him since it happened.

They look to me as a source of comfort. I'm their Sheriff. I tell them to lock their doors and open only for me. I say draw your curtains so nobody can see.

I'm investigating them murders of Mr and Mrs Jackson and their six year old daughter. Although the rumors are flying thick and fast I have to be impartial. I know in my heart it wasn't Bill Turner.


Ever since the Jackson's were killed I've been scared. The Sheriff said to keep the doors locked. So I do.

I was friends with Michelle Jackson and our daughters played together all the time. Her husband was from out of town, just like mine.

"Mummy, I can't sleep" says Madison, my six year old.

"Okay baby, I'll come and tuck you in."

I take her to her bedroom and tuck her in nice and tight. I pass her the teddy she's had every single night. There's a knock at the door. My husband goes to answer.

It's the last thing he'll ever do. I'm next and then Maddy.


I'm now investigating another family murder. People are adamant its Bill Turner.I know it isn't him. How can I be so sure?

I know because I'm the reason they lock their doors at night. Open only for me.

Story by:


3 August 2014