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First Grade Vocabulary

My father, my sister, and I strolled along the perimeter of our yard, my normally commanding father tripping over benign conversation like how'd you do on your spelling test and isn't this weather perfect, as Jeffery, the boy next door, interrupted and asked my sister if she could play. The sound of my dad telling Jeffrey no, my sister couldn't play faded into the hum of cars on North Center Street as I wondered why Jeffery hadn't asked if I could play. Finally Dad stopped walking, and we did, too, and he told us that he was moving out for a while, that he and Mom were taking some time apart, that he'd come back to visit real soon. And in my best six-year-old-this-is-nothing-I-haven't-heard-before tone, I said, you mean you're getting a separation? A word I'd recently learned from my classmate, Peter Callahan. Dad looked at me and nodded. We went back inside the house where Dad's bags were packed and Mom lay crying on her bed.

Story by:

Carly Anderson

1 September 2014