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Someone I've Never Known

A gale bent the trees as the rain pelted down the night Bill hammered at Haley's door. "Come in and sit down. What's wrong?" Haley asked "I've got a secret you won't believe." Bill grimaced. "Try me. I won't tell." "I don't think you get it." "Well I can't get it, if you don't say anything." "Let's just say I'm leaving this world tonight." "Look, life can get pretty bad, but it's never that bad, right?" "You still don't get it. Someone has travelled back through time to make sure my parents never meet. If they never meet, I will never have been born. It'll be like I never existed." "I know we're friends and all, but that sounds crazy." "Well if I can have the same conversation again tomorrow, I'd rather be thought of as crazy than not at all. You see a hit man from Commune Metro Securities is after me and commits the perfect crime by not leaving any evidence. He just erases people from time. He doesn't kill anyone. There's just one chance though." "And what's that?" "

If I can kill his great great grandmother tonight then he'll never have been born and I'll be safe, but I have to hurry." As he said those words he reluctantly took out a straight edged razor from his pocket and hid it at his side.

"This is too weird. I'll get us a snack and we can talk about it some more." She left the room closing the door behind her, stopped as if she had forgotten something, went back, opened the door and no one was ever there.

Story by:

Connell Wayne Regner

7 September 2014