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Santa Claus In Iran

I do not go to bed on Christmas Eve. Santa Claus comes and spends a few hours with me. We talk and laugh.

"You're really fat, Santa" I always say that.

"And you are really rude, Sam" He replies with a big smile on his face.

Santa told me last Christmas that he doesn't really need to spend too much time on giving presents to children.

"American Express does it for me, Sam"

Santa also told me that he is going to buy a villa in Iran.

"Nowhere is more beautiful than Iranian beaches and jungles. I'm going to sell my old castle at the pole and buy a villa here in Iran."

"It's a good idea Santa. Then, I'll have more time to work on your Persian."

"Why? I speak Persian very fluently. Don't I?"

"Sure you do, Santa. The only problem is that you have got a kind of polar accent. You need to get rid of that."

And Santa always sleeps on my bed on Christmas. It's not very kind of him because I have to sleep on sofa then.

"Do not forget, Sam. I love Iranian children as I do love other children in the world."

Santa kisses my forehead and says goodbye.

Story by:

Sam Kandej

26 October 2014