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Sin Ops Sis

"Sin Ops. Sis speaking."

"I'd like to propose a sin."

Sis touched her pad at the right place, and the Sin Proposal form zoomed up. "Mortal or venial?"


Sis never argued. "Other/Morsel. Got it. Criminal or Civil?"


Another other. Brother. "Audio, Visual or Both?"

"Can you find it in your art to forgive me?"

Sis's finger wavered over the pixelated keyboard. "What's to forgive?"

"I've already sinned twice. The worst kind."

Sis looked at the screen in horror. "PUNS!! Oh, the HORROR!"

"Indeed, Sin Ops Sis, that sums it up."

The next day he sent her a dozen red roses and a nutshell which, when opened, revealed the words "That's it." The card on the roses, however, read "Will you marry me?"

Story by:

G. Bowers

7 November 2014