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The Hermit

She never intended to become a recluse.

And to be fair, she isn't one. Not really. I mean, look at her work record - nine to five, five days a week. And when her office was in that quiet part of the building, the lack of windows made it easier to concentrate. Which was great, since she was always busy - emailing dozens of people, talking for hours on the phone, having (occasionally), quite in-depth video-messaging conversations with all sorts of experts in the field of data entry procedures. And her social life, well, at least once or twice in the previous twelve months, she did actually go out for dinner! Admittedly, only to a works party, but still.

No, she isn't a solitary person at all. She has, for instance, a very healthy Facebook account and her Tweets are almost continuous on certain days. Then there's her online relationships with, let's be honest, several dozen men, all of whom are extraordinarily interesting, even though, so far, none of them have wanted to meet her. So apart from the lack of face-to-face human contact, she isn't really a recluse at all.

So when they'd offered to let her work from home, it made perfect sense - now she doesn't need to put petrol in the car, since she never goes out. And it's amazing (she often thinks) how many services will deliver to your door. And if anyone calls at the house, she'll always be there.

No, all in all, she's doing very nicely, thank you.

Story by:

Colin Garrow

7 November 2014