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Too Shy To Ask For Her Number


Back from Korea, I'd found a job as a manager-trainee with Cornet Stores, a small-town "dime store" chain. But when Joe Cornet discovered I could paint signs, he sent me to various stores to do advertising displays.

Once I was sent to decorate a new store while other employees installed the shelving. My recently-met friend Barry had been chosen as Manager.

Barry was handsome and likeable and had a way with the ladies. I envied him.

His first job was to hire some women to help stock the shelves. The best of these would be asked to stay on as full-timers.

"If I know Barry," I thought, "he's just going to hire the best-looking ones."

He did - and the prettiest was a buxom blonde who, to my surprise, kept casting glances my way. I've always been shy, but finally got the courage to smile back. Her next smile and wink said there was possibility here.

I wanted to ask for her number, but never did. Nonetheless, as it got closer to quitting time I went into the men's room, rinsed my face, sipped some water, and walked resolutely back onto the sales floor.

But where was everyone?

"Hey, Barry!" I yelled. "Where are the girls?"

"They left. Look at the time."

"Oh, no, I missed my chance." Barry smiled. "The blonde?"

I just nodded.

"Not a problem," he said. "That's Barbara. Come home with me and I'll introduce you. We've been thinking of getting a divorce anyway."

Story by:

Donald Ray Edrington

20 November 2014