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Angels On A Pin

Look it up. It's a comment in a literary dictionary on Google books. "There are at least as many potential themes and motifs in literature as angels on the head of a pin." I stumbled across this at least five years ago scanning works on motifs through a well-known research site I can't remember the name of now. Saved the reference. Probably got as far as looking up how the phrase is used by "real" writers. Scanned Thomas Aquinas' philosophical discourse. Earmarked it for future reading. I still need to read Thomas Aquinas. Don't you know? You can work for years on the editorial staff of a major dictionary company and not yet have read Thomas Aquinas. Because words, sometimes, instead of honoring their creative intent, they are processed like blank templates on a sanitized production line. There are as many motifs in literature as angels on a pin. There are as many words to process as angels. There are as many stories left to write as well.

Story by:

Maria Sansalone

24 November 2014