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Green Beans

With rain pitter-pattering against the window, Marissa pulled her cardigan tighter to her chest, gazing into the cupboard. After clearing it out she could move on with her life, just like her brothers had already done.

Tommy and John had rushed out of their mom's apartment the day after the funeral, citing the need to go home to their families. The memory made Marissa's blood boil. The three of them were supposed to go through Mom's belongings together, keeping "the good stuff" as Mom had called it, and donating everything else.

"I don't have time," Tommy said.

"It's just a bunch of junk anyway," John huffed.

"What if I find something worth keeping?" Marissa asked.

"It's all yours," Tommy replied.

John only laughed as the door closed behind them.

Marissa glanced at the garbage bags loaded with old woman's clothing. She would take everything to the Salvation Army, stopping at the Food Bank on the way. She grabbed a box, lining it with non-perishable goods from the cupboard. When she got to the last row of cans in the very back, she hesitated. Several cans of green beans stared back at her.

Mom hated green beans. What the...

She picked up a can, feeling the curious lightness of it. When she ran her finger along the rim where label met metal, the top popped off and clanged against the tile floor.

Marissa's mouth dropped open. The can practically burst with cash, as did all the others. Marissa couldn't hold back her smile.

"Thanks, Mom," she said to the empty apartment.

Story by:

Melissa J. Crispin


7 December 2014