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Center Of The Universe

Couldn't stand much more of it. Being suffocated on all sides. No control over where I turned up. Constantly scratching up against and being scored by other silica. Always drowning in dampness and dark. Unceasingly rolling with the waves at high tide, washing inland, then back to sea then up and down the beach, and all over again.

On shore, the sun felt good. Sometimes lasted too long, though. Hot, burning, and bright. In the in-between of land and sea, it was easy to stick to the skin of the enormous beach animals. And easy to get carried away.

Got a lift all the way to a frigid place with huge plate-glass windows and a slick tiled floor. The bright, dry, emptiness was unfamiliar. And here the crunch of silica was deafening and, on realizing what was happening, sickening.

All time is an eternity, but within a fairly short one, I got swept up by one of the beach animals. This was entirely new, meeting all these other fragments and particles who looked nothing like anything I'd ever imagined.

We got tossed outside the heat was welcoming and a sudden gentle sea breeze lifted some of us into a nearby bed of tomatoes. For the rest of the next eternity I watched the fruit grow and ripen and saw my fellows give of themselves to make that miracle happen. Whatever little support I could give I gave. I was happy.

Story by:

Peter Mcmillan

14 December 2014