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Spoken Love

Trying to control himself, the man watches the red liquid in his cup, as he swirls it around. The woman watches him. They both came to the hotel with the intention of ending their six-month affair. The woman sighs and looks down. The man looks up when he hears her sigh.

They started talking during the dinners at each other's house. Then one day, their talks changed from the news and weather to much more personal matters. From there they made it to a hotel, once a month, then twice a month. Talking always came easy to them, but today, it seemed like the hardest thing either one of them would have to do. Talking meant that it's over; they're over.

The woman's wedding is in three days, and she knew that she could not get married while sleeping with another man, it would be worse than the affair already was. The man knew that his wife was getting suspicious, and he would never break up his family, his family is too important to him.

The man leans back in his chair, holding the glass on his knee. She sets her glass on the table, and leans back as well. The woman closes her eyes, and takes in a deep breath, when she opens them; she looks into his crystal blue eyes and he looks back at her hazel brown ones. They know it's time, time to end this, time to forget it ever happened, time to say goodbye.

Both speak at the same time.

"I love you."

Story by:

Ta'Sean Floyd

21 December 2014