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Fringe Benefits

"Why should I increase your income?" My boss asked.

"Because I don't make enough money to pay all my bills." I answered.

"I'm not responsible for your inept attempt to manage your personal finances." My boss replied. "Let me give you some good advice while you're still young, he continued, when asking for a pay increase the reason should always be valid. For example, what have you done to save the company money or to increase the company's productivity or to make the company operate more efficiently, things of that nature, do you understand?"

"Yes I do sir and thank you for your advice. The next time, I will be better prepared and with a valid reason as you have explained."

The next day as I went behind a large shelving unit in the warehouse, I unexpectedly walked up on my boss who was passionately kissing a pretty young lady from the accounting department. That was three months ago and three raises ago coupled with one excellent valid reason.

Story by:

Jim Freeze

24 December 2014