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A Change of Pace

The Face Ripper, a serial killer, was murdering beautiful woman in a nearby town.

Jason thought the killer might be the answer to his problems. Though his wife, Marcia, was stunning, he was sick of her nagging.

Plus, he suspected she was having a fling.

He drugged Marcia, put her in the car, and headed for the Face Ripperís town. Arriving at the woods just outside town, he laid her on the ground, and placed some LED lights around her to illuminate her form. Returning to his car, he heard footsteps.

"Whoís there?" he called, hoping it was the Face Ripper.

"Police. Whatíre you doing here?"

"I saw strange lights in the woods. I took a look. Thereís a gorgeous woman on the ground. I think sheís dead. I was just heading to town to report it."

The cop pulled his pistol. "Press your palms against your car."

"But I didnít do anything wrong!"

"Thatís what they all say." The cop slapped cuffs on Jasonís wrists. "Now, turn around." The cop shinned a flashlight in Jasonís face. "Anybody ever tell you youíre good looking?"

Word spread quickly that a man was found dead in the woods with his face ripped apart, though a nearby, beautiful, unconscious woman wasnít touched.

Nobody knew what to make of it. They didnít realize until four more good-looking men were killed that the Face Ripper was bored and needed a change of pace.

Story by:

Michael A. Kechula

submitted at 1:01am

3 June 2009

Michael's stories have been published by 108 magazines and 30 anthologies.