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Lace A Rattled Rattler

I adjusted my fedora as I looked at my reflection in the window. Fidgeting with the brass key ring in my pocket; I traced the edges of that sentimental Mickey Mouse key again and again. Sending money home without being able to send comfort made me guilty of failing half of my duties.

I wondered if I would recognize Lacey after so long, that is, if she decided to show up. I thought back to the last time I had seen her. It had been at this same station. Her hands reached out as she ran clumsily towards me; her little red shoes patting across the cobble ground.

Before I could recollect anymore of the memory, the train stopped and steam rushed in front of the windows.

I stepped out to see my son and a young lady who had her back turned to the train. I hoped it was her, that she had changed her mind, because it would mean the world to me to see my daughter's bright eyed smile again.

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6 February 2015