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The Almost First Kiss

The trouble with wearing braces is that you can't kiss well. So, inside the scary house, when she sidled up to me lips pouting at an almost obscene angle as I stood panting over the dangling arm that had leapt out from the ceiling, I had to think on my feet to escape the situation. She seemed to have no idea of what she was getting into. All I could do, in the heat of the moment, was to convert the kiss into a bear hug, with a weeping-on-the-shoulder added for emphasis.

She must have been grossed out, because she never went out with me again. Even after I got the braces out and became the star baseball player of the school.

When I attended her wedding twelve years later, I wondered if she still did the lousy pout to get her kisses.

Story by:

Namitha Varma

23 February 2015