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She opened her palm and a three dimensional rose slipped up. It bloomed under the awed energies of the class who sat with bubbling excitement as their teacher once again amazed them with the magic of the overarching digital world.

"We've evolved. Humanity is no longer bound to the rules of ancient times. We can create worlds within our own minds and bend nature around our imaginations. With the chips embedded in our spinal columns we can-"

"Be tracked by a government and influenced by ads and neon lights even in our dreams." Roman interrupted.

"All students will raise their hands in my class, Roman."

"How do you know this world is real? How do you know this isn't some artificially extended daydream?"

"Rude remarks wouldn't exist in my day dream." a few classmates chuckled.

Roman's eyes went dark

"Well how about death?" In a blur he pulled out a gun, and pulled the trigger.

Screams erupted as the bullet went through Roman's head trailed by a crimson stream. The teacher staggered against the wall in shock. Her student had just...had just-

A hand grabbed her shoulder, pulled her ear close. He whispered.

"Are you awake now Miss Eve? Do you now understand that magic and illusion are synonyms?"

The three dimensional version of Roman stayed frozen in the air as the real one walked out of the classroom.

Story by:

John M. Brandon II

@eyeseejohn on Twitter

4 March 2015