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The Inter-temporal Hotel

"-time! I wish it would stop!" a woman screamed as she fell out of the doors. They span faster as she left, as if her escape set in motion a great clockwork machine within the building. She stood up and frowned at me.

But time did not stop for her. A taxi skidded onto the pavement and a flock of birds shot off the dissolving facets and gargoyles as a horn beeped. She just stood there, eyeing everything.

I couldn't turn away. It was as if I recognised her. But I hadn't, we had never met. She glared and walked over. "What?" she said as she checked her watch. I found myself fascinated with it, its chromed surface spitting sun into my eyes.

"Nothing" I replied. But she did not let it go. "You noticed me last time" she said after a brief silence, placing a hand on mine. I was helpless. She began leading me up to the revolving doors. Even the bending image of the hotel lobby through the glass was familiar now.

"Have you ever been through these doors?" she asked, all the while staring at her gleaming watch. I couldn't remember. "I don't think so" I replied. She frowned, tutted, smirked. "I suppose it's worth a try this time" she said.

"This time?" I asked, pulling back. She sighed. "I'm stuck. I try to change little things every time, no luck yet... Not long left" she said. She pulled me closer to the doors. I broke free from her grip. "It happens every-" she spoke, before being cut off. The doors had spun again, pushing her away. When I looked for her she wasn't there.

Story by:


9 March 2015