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The Unexpected

The due date was supposed to May 7th. Was the mare going to be able to last until then? The only reason Ocean was given to us in the first place was because she was deemed to be barren.

As the shape of the foal turns uncomfortably inside the heavy, thoroughbred mare, her back leg lifts momentarily towards her abdomen with irritation. I try to console her with gentle rubs and pats; she is having none of it! Her tail switches and her ears lie flat against her head. I exit her stall quietly.

Later that evening, during night check, I cannot see her head sticking out of her stall as usual. The promise of grain has not drawn her forward.

The reason becomes quite evident soon enough! A long legged, darker than night creature appears from the far side of the sweat-coated mare. A pair of perfect ears swing towards me in curious attention. A long white stripe extends from the foal's forehead down to the muzzle and disappears under the chin.

As I offer the mare fresh water and hay, the newest, unexpected addition to the farm finds his way to his own dinner and I smile...

Welcome, River!

Story by:

Diane Van Keulen

23 April 2015