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Slender Heels

She left shoes in a carrier bag on the train then disappeared from sight.

Katya had been watching the woman as she daydreamed for most of the journey. Discreetly, she back heeled the forgotten bag, concealing it under her seat. A passenger nudged her:

'Isn't this your stop?'

'Not for tonight.'

The following morning their whirlwind romance began. When he ended it two months later, Katya dumped the shoes.

A woman walking her dog found them. They were too big, so she took them to a charity shop, where Alex bought them.

On Friday, Alex's wife took the boys to visit relatives. He donned makeup, lingerie and the shoes. Hearing somebody downstairs, Alex hid in the bathroom, slipped and knocked himself unconscious. Philip reported intruders next door. Alex went to hospital by ambulance.

Wendy told the police her husband was at a conference, that Philip had called to cut overhanging branches. She would not accept a stranger's stilettos; so they ended up in the police station.

Amanda was invited to escort her new boyfriend to his cousin's wedding. She found a pair of shoes in Lost Property. They weren't a perfect fit, but she made do.

At the end of the night when guests were leaving, an announcement was made about a stray shoe. Amanda hobbled over. The bride recognized the long lost bespoke footwear.

'Beautiful', she grinned, 'Where did you get such gorgeous shoes?'

'Thanks. They're just a cheapo pair', fibbed Amanda.

Story by:

Eav Roche

24 April 2015