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That Was A Close One

The Baggage Claim carousel had two identical wheeled suitcases side by side. Joe McIlhenny, improbably frequent survivor, recognized the one on the right as his, what with its barely-discernible circle of nitric acid splash.

Jayme Mahler, cute killer, made a grab for Joe's suitcase just as he did; their hands met.

"Mine," said Joe. "See the stain?"

"Mine has one too," Jayme said, pointing. The similarity was uncanny.

Joe's claim tag was 52681. Jamie's was 52861.

Pointing to Jayme's bag's stain, Joe asked, "Nitric?" Jayme nodded. "How did that happen?"

"If I told you, I'd have to not kill you."

"Tell me," said Joe, dodging another bullet.

Story by:

Gary Bowers

4 May 2015