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The Phantien Phantoms Fanatic

His dad was a Phantoms fanatic and named his son Phil after the team. Phantien was a sort of medium sized town, and The Phantoms were a medium ranked team.

Phil adored his father and their team, like his father, Phil became up a most rabid, Phantoms fan.

Finally, when Phil was fifty-eight his beloved Phantoms were in the final game of the playoffs, they were tied in overtime. Standing and screaming at his mid-field seat, waving pennants, Phil suffered a simultaneous heart attack and stroke.

His cousin visited him in hospital everyday, Phil was awake but very weak. Daily, his cousin contacted the team, asking that they send flowers or a card to their best fan ever.

After four days they called back saying they, "didn't do that sort of thing, what if they had to do that for everyone?"

Phil's cousin bought flowers and a get-well card and signed them from the Phantoms. He had a nurse give them to Phil. A half-hour later he came in the room and Phil showed him the flowers and card from "His Beloved Phantoms." He talked about how wonderful the Phantoms were. His cousin left when Phil was asleep.

At the door, he turned and looked back, Phil's hand was touching the vase, his other hand held the card over his heart, he was smiling in his sleep. He was found like that when he flat-lined.

Phil was buried with the card, and flowers, his pennants and more Phantom gear. No one from the team attended... They lived up to their name, they always were Phantoms...

Story by:

Bruce Haase

8 May 2015