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Watch Out

The little church mouse was shuddering as it flitted thru the rooms of the funeral home. Something odd and sad was going on. Sure, this place was never resonating with happy and cheerful noises but today...

Two corpses had been brought in yesterday. Both of them had been embalmed and fixed up to look their best for open caskets.

One was the 50-year-old Chief Surgeon of the University Medical Center. He had succumbed to a massive heart attack. There were many mourners in his room.

The guest book was filling up and the conversation was held in the commonly hushed tone of this establishment. Flowers were decorating the chapel in abundance. The wife of the deceased was calming a young boy of about twelve years old, while her tears were streaming down her own cheeks.

In the other room lay the dead body of a young girl. About 16 years old. Very pretty with brown hair and cute tilted up nose. This room too was filled with people. Schoolmates, relatives and the heartbreaking sighs of the parents made the atmosphere in this room even more unbearable.

The little mouse felt bad for all of them. It had heard the story.

The surgeon was operating, removing the tonsils from the girl when it happened.

The hospital staff panicked and concentrated on tending to the doctor. All the while the girl fought for breath and ultimately choked and died.

The mourners from the surgeon's room made a big circle around the mourners from the girl's room.

It will be difficult to look for justice.

Story by:

Alexandra H. Rodrigues

24 June 2015