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To Be Continuumed

"There's no such thing as Once Upon a Time."

"You say that now and then - are you aware?"

"It proves my point - whoops! Now I have to rhyme."

"A sonnet, then?"

"Yes - neither Here nor There."

Adept at making love with clever banter, the couple smiled as they sent words aloft. Their well-trained wordsteed went from trot to canter, then kisses were exchanged, some rough, some soft.

"It's time to don our fanciful regalia and dance and dance and pitch our share of woo."

"Agreed, my greedy friend, though echolalia redundifies - defies - the sin we do."

The onomatopoeia took them then, with snappish cracked-corn popcorn popped again...

Story by:

Gary Bowers

27 June 2015