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Brain Index

The package had arrived this morning. The man poured its contents into his hand - two red pills, both labelled "Googul Indexing: FARM-092352572a72d", and an instruction sheet. After reading the sheet, he ran the bath four inches deep with cold water, and climbed into it fully clothed before he swallowed the pills. As expected, it was 30 minutes before he slumped into a semi-vegetative state as the pills took effect and started examining his brain.

"Always forgetting things? Can't remember people's names? Want to keep those memories of your past forever and never let them fade? Then index your entire mind! New service from Googul - Search your Mind, Free your Thoughts!" The advert was widespread across the globe, increasing numbers were sending off for the pills.

The man woke after some 15 hours, with a headache unlike anything he'd ever experienced. He sat up and tried to think. His thoughts were interrupted, and he flinched. He tried to remember his name, but he spasmed as visions of streams of text and images flashed across his eyes for what seemed an eternity. He gained clarity momentarily, and realised that he was now in the kitchen, feeding himself, but this thought was interrupted again. He spasmed, vast reams of information wiped his consciousness again. He drank and ate without realising it.

In a bunker in Zurich, two Googul engineers watched a screen prompt

> FARM-092352572a72d is now online...

"Who would have thought that people would be cheaper and faster storage space than hard drives," mused one.

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submitted at 11:17pm

17 June 2008