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Polar Opposites

I'm the only one here on the beach, of course. It's the coldest January on record, and that old fool still has to be the polar bear, even when the rest of the club had sense enough to stay home. I can't hear his splashing, so I suppose I'll have to save him. Isn't that the way it's been for near on 60 years? Who flagged down the ambulance on our first date -- after he tried to prove he didn't need a jack to change a tire? Who was ready with the fire extinguisher on our first anniversary - when he set the stove ablaze trying to cook spaghetti pie?

My purse will be safe behind this rock, I guess. Better leave these snazzy tennis shoes, too. No use ruining a perfectly nice gift. Jiminy Cricket, that is cold. Oh, well, no worse than childbirth. Those polar bears think they're so brave coming down here for ten seconds once a year. Old fools.

There's his white head popping up from the water like the moon rising late for dinner. "I'm fine, no need to worry!"

Well, he might have said so before I got my socks wet.

Story by:

Krista Tibbs

8 July 2015