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Two Jumps


The world below is screened by cloud.

Ahead, the sun is glowing.

He steps into the emptiness, resisting deadly fright,

And like a stone to the earth is falling.

As slowly as he can, he counts to ten, pulls the ripcord ring...

A jolt! The canopy's unfolded! He is soaring...

And smiling broadly as he touches land.

He jumped a boy and landed as a man!


Above, a sickle moon is dimly gleaming.

He steps to the ledge, nerves suppressed by drilling.

He jumps, then counts, engages chute.

A jerk, then slowing.

His time airborne quickly fleeting.

He glides down softly, never knowing

The deadly danger waiting out of sight and hearing

In years to come a source of nightmares, sweats and screaming.

Story by:

Victor B.

11 August 2015